Best Toys for Toddlers with Autism


A good developmental toy for a toddler with autism can be fun, but more importantly can encourage essential developmental skills. The following gift guide is a list of suggested toys that can help toddlers on the spectrum develop social, cognitive, and fine motor skills. To see our full selection of toddler toys click here.

Peek n’ Peep Eggs

The Peek n’ Peep Eggs set is a simple educational toy that develops a wide variety of social, cognitive, and developmental skills. Children are awarded with a nice cause-and-effect experience when they push down on any one of the chicks as it makes a peep sound. You can use it as a simple matching game; the very young child must match the eyes to the egg shell. As a sorting game, children must sort the egg shapes on the bottom of the eggs to the matching shape inside the carton. Use it to teach colors and shapes as well. (Read More Click Here)

Toddler Tote 

The Toddler Tote features a variety of developmental activities that develop fine motor skills, counting, shape, and color recognition. This set features large brightly colored jumbo pegs that fit into thick crepe rubber mats. This set includes two peg boards, one large shape puzzle, four small shape puzzles, three animal puzzles, and a helpful activity guide. (Read More Click Here)

Farm or Vehicle Sound Blocks

These simple sound block puzzles reward children for matching farm animals or vehicles with the sound that they make. Nice sized blocks are easy for small hands to manipulate. This is a simple yet engaging activity that will get parents and siblings interacting with the child with autism.

Geometric Stacker

The Geometric Stacker features 25 colorful square, round, and octagonal wooden pieces that stack onto three sturdy rods. A sturdy wood base keeps the toy stable as kids play so that they won't become frustrated while trying to stack the pieces. This developmental toy builds fine motor and problem solving skills- each stacking level is slightly more difficult than the last. (Read More Click Here)

Toddler Toy Set

Want a little bit of everything? Our product specialist put together a developmental toddler toy set to help toddlers with special needs build essential skills while having fun. (Read More Click Here)

Rainbow Sound Blocks

This activity is designed to teach colors, cause and effect, motor skills, and much more. Young children will enjoy exploring the different sounds of each rainbow colored block. (Read More Click Here)

Wiggly Giggly Ball

This cute ball giggles when you move or shake it. It's great for playing simple turn taking games and teaching cause and effect. Kids will love to move and play as they hear the silly sounds. Use this toy to encourage gross motor movement and development! (Read More Click Here)

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