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This ultimate fidget set is a selection of our best selling fidgets! We have specifically selected each piece of this set so that you will have a variety of textures and features for your students to interact with. Based on teacher feedback, each of these items are quiet, discreet and work well in the classroom.

Teachers have used fidgets for years to help restless students focus and keep their hands occupied during instruction. You can also use them as a transition item to help students with routine changes. Keep them in your calming area to soothe or distract agitated students. You can also use them as a fun sensory break or reward.

Now you can have a variety of fidgets on hand to meet any need. These items are guaranteed to keep your student's hands busy.

This set includes:

  • Thera-Cube Fidget 
  • Tangle Relax
  • Fidget XT
  • Koosh Ball
  • Inside Out Ball
  • Mini What Zit
  • Moody Face
  • Bendy Man
  • Tactile Atom Ball
  • Stretchy Frogs
  • Super Sticky Starfish
  • Fun Balls of Fun
  • Massage Roller Pen
  • Sensory Brick Bracelet
  • Squeeze Frog

Please note: colors may vary. Substitutes of similar items may be made depending on inventory.

Recommended for children ages 5 and up.