This or That - Fun Speech Therapy Game for Teens

This or That

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Help kids get to know each other and spark interesting group conversations with this enjoyable party game! In This or That, players can express their opinions on a wide variety of subjects while also guessing what their friends would choose. This is a great icebreaker or short game you can play when you have extra time at the end of class or therapy session. 

This or That is so simple and easy to play-- simply pick a token out of the game bag and read the prompt aloud. The player who pulled the token must pick their favorite between the two choices. For instance, “Chocolate or vanilla?”, “Spicy or Mild?”, “Game Night or Movie Night?”, and many others. Then, the other players must guess what they think the first player chose.

As the game continues, participants are sure to learn something new about each other! Give players points and a goal to reach or simply pass the bag around for a fun group activity. 

Includes 125 double-sided game tokens for 250 total questions, Game Bag, and Instructions. 2-8 players.

Recommended for players ages 10 and up.