The CAT Kit By Tony Attwood

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Use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help your students with autism improve their communication skills and emotional understanding. Developed by Dr. Tony Attwood, this kit includes everything you need to start using CBT in your program. An introductory DVD will teach you how to setup and use each element of the kit. A variety of field tested visual supports will help children with communication challenges communicate their attitudes and emotions.

Use CBT to help students with autism become aware of how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors work together. Teach them to use visual tools to share their thoughts and feelings with others. Additionally, teach parents how to proactively deal with displays of emotion or misunderstandings that ordinarily would be difficult to manage.

This kit includes:

  • An instructional DVD and manual that introduces CBT and explains each tool in the kit.
  • The CAT organizer, a visual tool that helps a student talk about behaviors. It visually breaks up conversations into manageable pieces making it easy for students and adults to understand each other.
  • Nine basic feelings category cards with ten more specific feelings under each basic feeling category, making 90 emotions. Both a word piece and a face piece for each of the 90 emotions are affixed to these cards with Velcro. There are also blank pieces so students can write in other feelings or draw unique faces.
  • A visual 0 to 10 emotion scale with circles of Velcro for students to attach faces or feelings words to. Great for helping students communicate the intensity of feelings, thoughts, experiences, and interests.
  • Behavior charts to help students understand how their thoughts and feelings affect not only themselves but others.
  • A Body Card to help students identify where certain emotions affect them physically.
  • Timetables - use day, week and year tools to help students order events and associate different emotions to those events.
  • And More!

A school psychologist favorite!