Eye Power 2

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Help your special kids develop their social thinking and the power of their eyes. With Eye Power 2, children continue to have fun as they think socially with Zeebu! This workbook explores thinking about others in a fun, engaging way.

Kids will love to learn along with Zeebu and friends as they complete various activities. This interactive workbook contains coloring pages, activities including filling in thought bubbles, dot to dots, and stickers. Text is easy to understand and is presented alongside cheerful illustrations. Kids can be walked through the book with an adult or work through it independently!

Social concepts covered include: My Eyes Look At What I Am Thinking About and My Face Shows How I Feel, Others May or May Not Have the Same Thoughts That I Do, and My Eyes Can Tell Me What Others Are Thinking and Feeling. All activities build upon concepts covered in Eye Power Volume One.

Ages 3 through early grade school. 36 pages