Zip Ball

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If you need a unique, kinetic game for kids look no further than our new Zip Ball! This fun, athletic game allows two players to send the colorful plastic football zipping along back and forth to each other. This is a simple gross motor turn taking game that kids of all abilities will enjoy and it provides good exercise.

To play, each player must take hold of two Zip Ball handles. These handles are attached to the other player's via a cord which also carries the plastic football. By stretching and manipulating the strings, players can move the ball back and forth!

There are no inherent rules to Zip Ball-- play for fun or make up rules to compete! Let players attempt to keep the ball on one side, or try to move the ball back and forth as many times as they can. This game is great for helping kids develop strong upper body muscles and is a great choice for outdoor play.

The plastic Zip Ball measures 8 x 5 x 5 inches.

This game is recommended for kids ages three and up.