Z-Vibe Complete Vibrating Pencil Kit

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Use this vibrating pencil to help those with fine-motor control issues, sensory challenges, or those with mild tremors. It provides a small amount of even vibration that makes writing enjoyable for children and helps users develop vital fine motor skills.The durable construction of this item means it's built to last. A carrying case makes it easy to keep track of your attachments.

This pencil kit is easy to use! Just screw the pencil adapter into the Z-Vibe and you are ready to write. This set provides two vibration levels to choose from. Gently turn the trunk to adjust the level of vibration your writer needs. The level of vibration is just enough to provide stimulation without interfering with writing and will not cause squiggly lines!

This set includes a Z-Vibe, 3 Bite-n-Chew Tips, pencil adapter, 6 pencils, pencil sharpener, and protective case. We recommend purchasing an extra back up battery since they are not standard size.