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Writing Social Stories with Carol Gray-DVD

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    Since 1991, social stories have proven to be highly effective for helping people with autism build developmental skills.

    Now you can watch this engaging DVD to learn how to write effective social stories. A Social Story is a short, carefully written story that describes a social situation to someone with autism.

    This DVD will teach you elements that make Social Stories successful and how to tailor a social story to meet an individual's specific needs. Parents, teachers, therapists, or caregivers of people with autism can watch this DVD to learn how to:

    • understand the social perspective of a person with autism.
    • write descriptive, perspective, directive, and affirmative sentences;
    • properly implement a Social Story;
    • the do's and don'ts based on real-life examples.

    Carol Gray has over twenty years of experience educating students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and is the director of The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding, a non-profit organization that serves people with autism.

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