Wooden Shape Sequence Sorting Set

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The sturdy wood Shape and Sequencing Sorting Set will make a great addition to your early intervention classroom, ABA program, or a learning gift. This high quality set, developed by toymakers Melissa and Doug, is made of solid wood that has been well sanded. The kids you work with will be instantly engaged with the vibrant, non-toxic, colors of the water based paint.

Children will enjoy learning to sort and classify. Teach them to recognize a square, triangle, and octagon. Use this toy to teach the concept of small, medium, and large as well as same and different. It also helps kids develop eye-hand coordination and visual perception! This item is great for introducing basic math concepts as well.

Change the level of difficulty of this item by presenting learning opportunities without using the block base. Allow children to experiment with simple matching challenges using only two blocks. Introduce easier challenges by presenting some blocks already inside the base with only a couple pieces missing. There are so many teaching opportunities with this item!

Recommended for children developmentally three years and up.