Where is Puppy? Positions Flash Cards

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Teaching vocabulary about positions can be difficult without visual aids. Have fun teaching your children about this concept with our adorable puppy card set!

Children will love learning positions as they look at the plush puppy in different positions relative to a doghouse. Use these cards in your home, classroom, or clinic to create a variety of fun educational activities or simply quiz children on vocabulary.

Each card displays a clear, full color picture of puppy and his house to demonstrate different vocabulary words. Also includes two additional puppy pictures for use in your own scenes. Use these flashcards to teach: over, under, inside, next to, between, behind, in front, and more.

Each Positions Flash Cards set includes:

 - 14 5.5" x 8" cards
 - 2 puppies for use on a flannel or magnetic board.
 - 14 positional word cards.
 - 2-piece doghouse.
 - Resource Card with activity ideas.