WH? Questions In A Jar

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This simple card game is a great way to teach kids all about asking WH questions! With WH? Questions In a Jar, students will have tons of fun as they learn to ask and answer Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Use these cards for icebreaker questions, warm-ups, classroom games, discussion starters, or just for fun at home or in the classroom. This is a great teacher, therapist, and parent resource!

This jar includes 101 cards, each one featuring a simple WH question and possible answers. For instance, “What do you use to cut paper?”, “When do you use an umbrella?”, “Who cleans teeth?”, “Why is exercising a good idea?” and many more. Use the provided multiple choice answers or allow students to answer freely.

You can use the included activity ideas or create your own uses for the cards. Play with the classroom, with small groups, as a family, or one-on-one to build questioning skills!

Ages 8 and up.