Weighted Dolphin Neck Wrap

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Looking for a fun, soothing weighted item your students will love? Our soft Weighted Dolphin Neck Wrap provides soothing deep pressure quickly and easily. It features a fleece top and flannel bottom that is hand washable if needed. The cute, aquatic theme is sure to make students smile.

Weighted neck wraps provide therapeutic soothing pressure that is perfect for helping someone calm down. Simply drape the Weighted Dolphin Neck Wrap around the shoulders, and enjoy calming deep pressure similar to that of a weighted vest. The exterior is made out of super soft fabric for maximum comfort.

This is a great tool for helping overstimulated and overwhelmed students relax and engage. Use it at home, in your sensory room, or in the clinic to provide soothing weight anytime. At three pounds of weight, this sensory item is perfect as a neck wrap or even as a lap pad.

Made in the USA

22 x 8 x 3 inches