Visual Schedule for the Classroom Elementary & High School Activities

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Creating visual supports for your classroom is so easy with the Visual Schedule for the Classroom Elementary & High School Activities card set. This high quality communication card set features 66 durable, laminated 3" x 3" full color schedule cards. Words are printed on the front and back of each card. 66 Velcro coins are included in the set.

Now you can easily sequence daily activities or visually show changes in the schedule. A wide variety of cards make it easy for students to ask questions, make choices, or request activities.

Cards include: cubby, bathroom, circle, snack, centers, art, blocks, sorting, letters, numbers, shapes, color, puzzles, play clay, dress up, play area, story time, emergency drill, video, quiet time, music class, PE, visitors, assembly, field trip, birthday party, picture day, nurse, clean up bathroom, ride bus, home, holiday, bus, school, backpack, lockers, restroom, school work, read, handwriting, math, history, science, english, spelling, geography, computer, chorus, music, cooking, speech, therapy, study, break, sports, games, multipurpose room, friends, lunch, outside, rest, school store, community, homework and life skills.