Twilight Turtle

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Does your child struggle with sleeping or fears of the dark? The Twilight Turtle can help kids calm down and relax when they need a break or it's time to go to sleep. The glowing shell projects eight unique and mesmerizing constellations on the ceiling of any room! The soothing flow of the constellations provides just enough light to calm a child's fear of the dark.

An automatic turn off feature will turn the night light off after 45 minutes. You can choose from three color options to project constellations: Bright Blue, Bright Green or Soft Amber. The long lasting LED lights stay cool to the touch so that your child won't get burned if they touch the turtle!

A helpful sky guide will introduce kids to constellations, and teach them how to find them. Constellations include: Draco the Dragon, Orion, Gemini, Pegasus, Canis Major, Cepheus, the Little Dipper, the Big Dipper and Ursa Major.

Requires three AAA batteries that are included. Size: 14" long, 5" tall

Recommended for children 3 and up.

Do not leave infant unattended with this product. This product is not intended for use in a crib.