Totally Chill: My Complete Guide to Staying Cool

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This constructive workbook is a great resource for kids and teens with special needs who struggle with anxiety. In Totally Cool: My Complete Guide to Staying Cool, Dr. Cristopher Lynch, PHD uses his years of experience with children and their families to guide readers through stress management exercises in a fun, engaging way!

The exercises in each chapter teach a wide variety of practical, kid-friendly techniques. Readers will learn calming exercises they can use to relax their body, problem solving skills to overcome mental and physical obstacles, positive self-talk to face their fears, and more. The factual reason for stress is clearly explained alongside the reasons why each activity can help. Readers are encouraged to find the right coping strategy for them as they work to build their stress management igloo.

This book is designed with kids in mind, using simple language and lots of pictures. A wide variety of activities and exercises helps the lessons to reach readers with many types of learning styles. Students may choose to work through this book on their own or with the help of an adult. It’s never been easier or more fun for kids to learn positive stress management skills!

135 pages.