Toddler Gift Pack 2

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Need a great gift set for young ones who love sensory fun? Our cute Toddler Gift pack makes gift giving easy! Each item has been hand picked to create a wonderful variety pack that young children are sure to enjoy!

This set includes:

  • Sharing Time - A fun social story that teaches young children about the concept of sharing. The colorful illustrations and simple story will help young children to understand this viatal social skill.
  • Lalaboom Beads - These sensory beads are designed to build fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and provide an interesting sensory experience.
  • Mini Spinny - Kids will love watching the wheels on the Mini Spinny whirl up and down as they turn the toy! Great for teaching cause and effect. 
  • Mini Sensory Blanket - Several textures provide on the go sensory play and exploration.

Recommended for children 12 months and up.