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Does your classroom need a highly visual timer? Help your students manage time with the Time Tracker timer. It uses both visual and auditory cues that signal the passage of time. Lights flash before each color change along with an audible cue. You have the option to program how long the green, yellow, and red light flashes. The stoplight themed colors will encourage kids to start, slow down, and stop a task when time is up.

Use the Time Tracker in school to prepare students for transitions or manage testing times. Use it at home to help children prepare for bed, get ready for school, or stay seated at the dinner table.

This timer is very versatile; you can adjust the amount of time each light flashes and you can choose from six different sound effects. The simple volume control option makes this item practical for individual or class wide use. This item is approximately 9" high and features an LED screen that counts down time.

Size: 5.2 x 5.3 x 10.6 inches