Time, Money, and Measurement

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This book of worksheets is a great resource for teachers looking to help students improve their practical math skills. In Time, Money, and Measurement, kids will learn foundational math skills that people use every day. Teach analogue and digital clocks, coin values, budgeting, basic unit conversion, ruler use, and much more!

Cute, kid friendly illustrations provide visual reinforcement and will engage your student on every page. A wide variety of activities ensures that the lessons are reinforced in ways that cater to many learning styles! Students may be asked to read visual cues, fill in the blank, draw a picture, complete word problems, and much more. With the help of these lessons, kids can learn basic practical skills that everybody needs to know.

Each page of this book is easily reproducible for use with groups. Use it to create classroom assignments, homework, small group activities, one-on-one practice exercises, and more. The back of the book includes answer keys for all worksheets.

128 pages.