The Whole Enchilada

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The Whole Enchilada is designed to provide lots of sensory input to your students on the autism spectrum. This versatile sensory swing is and OT favorite and is great for providing active play through resistance or calming relaxation through deep pressure.

You have the choice of hanging it with two points of suspension to create a hammock style swing. Or you can hang it with one point of suspension to increase the deep pressure. You also have the option of removing the wooden dowls to increase the deep pressure and resistance.

Layers of fabric allow your students to climb through the tent like space to build their body awareness, proprioceptive sense, and motor planning skills. This swing features two layers of lycra and one layer of nylon mesh making it very durable.

This set includes the fabric swing, two removable wooden rails, and two safety snaps.

Size: 115 x 65 inches

Max Load: 200 pounds