The Power Card Strategy 2.0

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Harness the power of special interests to motivate your students on the spectrum to learn new skills and make positive behavioral changes with the power card strategy. Power cards are an evidence based practice under the categories of antecedent based interventions and visual supports. You can use them to teach social skills, routines, encourage positive behavior changes, and more!

The power card strategy includes two components; a short story about a hero or special interest who learns a strategy to deal with a problem that your students are currently facing and a card with a picture of the hero/special interest and a summary of the strategy. This card is a powerful visual support to motivate and encourage change and can be used with people of all ages.

This book covers the research behind power cards and the motivation of special interests. Next it walks you through the step by step process of creating a power card strategy for your students. Lots of real life examples of power cards in the home, school, and community will help you as you begin to create your own. One chapter focuses specifically on using power cards to support academic performance.

Size: 9" x 5"

Pages: 82