The Original Koosh Ball

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Who hasn't heard of the classic Koosh ball. This fidget has been a teacher favorite for years. It's super sturdy design features a ball of thin rubbery strings tied together to make a ball. This quiet fidget works great in the classroom to keep hands busy or to use as a squeeze ball.

These balls come in a variety of colors and styles the kids you work with will love. You can give it to kids and teens who tend to twist or twirl their hair as a more appropriate option. Or give it to students who really tend to squeeze down hard on items. This ball provides more resistance than foam based balls.

Koosh balls can also work as a soft "tossing" ball that's easy to catch and won't bounce away if dropped. You can run your fingers through the strings for a soft and relaxing tactile experience. This is a great small travel toy that will easily fit in your purse.