The Big Red Bird and Red Feather Game

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This helpful book is a gentle tool for encouraging self-regulation. In the story the red bird becomes upset after she sees children arguing and yelling. Using her feathers, the red bird practiced her deep breathing skills to help herself calm down. She then shares her feathers and teaches the children how to calm down so that they can think about doing the right thing.

Full-color illustrations, an engaging story, and simple text makes this a fun, educational read that’s great for parents, teachers, and therapists. This story is designed to help kids remember they can control their impulses and avoid lashing out when they feel upset, sad, hurt, or worried. Also included are feathers to play your own Red Feather Game, several educational worksheets, activities, and suggestions to help kids practice their self calming and self control strategies.

25 pages.

Recommended for kids ages three and up.