The Asperger Children's Toolkit

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What’s a tool kit? It is something that contains a set of tools for a purpose. The The Asperger Children's Toolkit will help your child create a “personal set of resources, abilities, or skills.” This book is full of tools to help children, and parents, handle the life challenges of having Asperger's syndrome.

Avoiding the don’ts (don’t do this, don’t do that) of most books on the subject, this book uses what they call an active approach. For the caregiver, it means dealing with underlying problems instead of symptoms, using praise instead of punishment, creating win win situations, building a team, dealing with disappointment, and looking after your health as a caregiver. There is a chapter devoted to understanding Asperger’s Syndrome and the challenges, sensory issues, and meltdowns.

Kids with Asperger's will enjoy learning helpful life management tips for success from the Brain Guru, Sensory Detective, and Social Scientist.These three characters introduce the problems of  anxiety, negative thinking, sensory issues, friendship, and social challenges in a positive, kid friendly manner. Lots of strategies will help your Aspie kid successfully manage common difficulties kids on the autism spectrum face.

72 pages