The Anxiety Workbook for Kids

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The anxiety workbook for kids will teach your child skills and strategies to proactively handle anxiety. These tools include positive thinking, problem solving, communication and assertiveness, gradual exposure steps, relaxation and mindfulness. Often a child's anxiety has something to do with real situations or events but their thoughts can be over magnified or very unrealistic. This workbook takes a unique approach by teaching kids about the role of their imagination and how it affects their relaxation and anxiety.

This is a great resource for kids who easily become overwhelmed by everyday experiences. Most exercises are based on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques kids can start to use immediately. This workbook features kid friendly explanations, lots of illustrations, activities, and role plays to help your child learn to handle anxiety. Your child can learn how to take charge of their fears and worries and embrace the gift of their imagination.

This resource includes 55 activities that can be used one on one or in small groups. It is designed for grade school age children.

Size: 11" x 8.5"

120 pages