Temper Tamers Curriculum

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Do you have a student who struggles with anger and negative feelings? Anger is something everyone feels, but many children have trouble with dealing with their anger in a non-destructive manner. The Temper Tamers Curriculum is an eight session anger management curriculum that will help kids sort out their feelings, express their feelings and chart a course of action that will help them avoid getting into trouble.

Based on years of practice and use in elementary school settings, this helpful book includes everything you need to help your students tame their tempers. As you walk students through this program and its exercises, they will learn various tips, techniques and strategies for managing their moods.

This behaviorally based program will help children harness their emotions and make good choices, paving the way to a more positive self image and increased self-esteem. Three reproducible IEP pages provide ready-to-go attachments that can be added to any behavioral program for students with special needs. These pages include annual goals and benchmarks.