Teen Gift Set #2

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We now have a second option for our super popular Teen Gift set

This fun set includes the following:

Dolphin Themed Sand Panel - our sand panel has been a top favorite for several years now. This version features sand flowing through a row of dolphins that is so calming to watch.  Just like our other sand panel this one features a steel frame and thick acrylic panel.

Pin Art - Our durable Pin Art panel is larger than the typical sized ones so a teen can place their full hand on it. Unlike some other versions this one features steel pins and a heavy duty acrylic cover.

Ooze Tube - a calming visual treat this item features a thick acrylic tube.

Jeliku - this three dimensional puzzle is both a great little fidget and travel toy.

Eye Pop Squeeze Penguin - our cute penguin makes a great stress ball and it's cylinder shape is the perfect size for squeezing.

Please note that the ooze tubes come in assorted colors.