Teaching Children Empathy, The Social Emotion

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Empathy is the ability to understand what others feel, and express that understanding in a caring way. Many children need help building this social skill, and it can be especially difficult to teach this to students on the autism spectrum. Use this workbook with your K-6 grade students to help them learn how to empathize and build healthy relationships.

This practical workbook is designed to provide school psychologists, counselors, and teachers with activities to help students think about and practice strategies to become more empathetic. It uses both cognitive behavioral techniques and behavioral strategies, and includes lots of instructional activities and reproducible worksheets. Through games,

role-plays and worksheets, your students will become thoughtfully engaged in building empathy skills!

Building these skills in your school can help prevent bullying and other negative social behaviors, such as excluding peers. Topics included in the workbook are: defining empathy, understanding your feelings, learning to read another person's feelings, listening, being supportive, resolving conflicts, and more.

This workbook is written by Dr. Tonia Caselman, an Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma. Her research focus is in children's social/emotional development and school social work. She is passionate about making evidence-based and evidence-informed practices applicable to clinicians in the field.