Teaching ATM Bank

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It's never too early to start building money skills and the Teaching ATM Bank makes it easy to get started. This set offers life size realistic looking fake money kids can count and interact with. The ATM machine keeps track of your student's balance, deposits, and withdrawls.

This sturdy set is perfect for teaching money identification, savings goals, addition, subtraction, and more. It includes an ATM card that uses a four digit pin your students can practice with. A talking coin slot identifies real coins as well as the pretend coins included with the set. The 2.5 x 2 inch LCD display screen keeps track of the money amount.

This set includes an 8" x 10" ATM machine, 20 play coins, 10 play bills, ATM Card, and teaching guide.

Size: 12 x 10 x 4.5 inches

Recommended for kids ages three and up.