Super Spaghetti Ball

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The sensation of the "noodles" dripping through your fingers is probably one of the most tactile toys we've tried. The Super Spaghetti ball will stretch forever and is so soft and wiggly it's hard to put down! Anyone can appreciate this therapeutic, enjoyable sensation. Super stretchy noodles bend and twist in a million directions!

These make a great small gift for kids who crave tactile stimulation. Use it in your quiet corner to help anxious students calm down or to provide an interesting distraction. This can also be used as a silent fidget during class or at home. Stretching and manipulating the Super Spaghetti Ball can also provide a fun energy outlet to aid in concentration.

You can also use the Super Spaghetti Ball in fun playtime activities! Toss the ball to work on gross motor skills and coordination. The stretchy noodles make it super easy to catch.