Strobotop Lightphase Animator Gift Pack

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Our top selling gift three years in a row is now available as a set! Instantly create animations with the spin of a top. 

Your kids will love making instant animations with the Strobotop! This item is so visually fascinating and fun to play with. Aim the strobe light at the spinning top, adjust the dial, and watch the images come to life! You can control the speed of the animation and make it go backwards or forwards by adjusting the strobe light. You will be amazed as you watch animals running, playing children, kaleidoscopic patterns, and much more.

Swap out Strobo disks for new animations or draw your own with the black and white discs included! The strobe light requires 4 AAA batteries that are not included. This item makes a great gift for highly visual teens and adults. This set includes a top, strobe light, and 18 animation discs. This has been one of our top selling gift items two years in a row.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts, which may be a choking hazard.

This set includes a Strobotop and three booster packs filled with full color animation along with some "draw your own" packs you can color to create your own unique animations.

The strobe light requires 4 AAA batteries that are not included.