Straight Talk about Autism DVD

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The Straight Talk about Autism DVD Address both Childhood and Adolescent issues!

Youth with special needs face a variety of unique challenges. While many are directly addressed by parents, teachers, and therapists, some may not be adequately explained or addressed. This DVD seeks to tackle the hard topics in a straightforward, open manner.

This DVD about autism features interviews with kids with autism and their parents. They examine the key issues encountered during childhood and also adolescence. As students watch this DVD, they will see people just like them talking about how they overcame these issues. The goal of this DVD is to provide guidance and reassurance to both parents and youth as they learn new solutions to the unique obstacles presented by autism.

Childhood Issues covers the difficulty of getting an accurate diagnosis, parental acceptance of the disability, dealing with communication deficits and beginning school.

Adolescent Issues features hypersensitivities, splinter skills, teasing, Circle of Friends programs, social skills, school-to-work transition and independent living.

DVD, 80 min., CC, 1999.