Sporty Anti Stress Gel Ball

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Sports fans will love squeezing these sturdy sports balls. You have your choice of a football, baseball, or soccer ball. 

Your students will love squeezing this unique item-- it's filled with a thick, natural sugar-based gel that provides a nice amount of resistance. You will appreciate it's thick and sturdy rubber shell that can stand up to lots of play. It feels so interesting to squeeze and hold! Use it as a fidget or a hand strengthening exercise. This makes a great gift for sensory seekers!

By providing students with a simple, squishy fidget, the Sporty Anti-Stress Gel Ball can help with calming meltdowns, encouraging fine motor development, and redirecting attention and focus. Allowing students to squeeze and manipulate the soft gel is a wonderful sensory activity for the home, classroom, or clinic. This is also a no-noise fidget, so it can be used in classrooms without disturbing other students.

Size: 4 x 2 x 2 inches

Latex Free

Recommended for ages five and up.