Sound Out Chapter Book Curriculum

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For special education teachers looking for high quality teaching materials for basic reading comprehension, look no further than our Sound Out Chapter Books! Help your students build basic reading skills with these helpful workbooks and software. Each books is written at a first grade reading level.

This curriculum is suitable for primary and middle school moderate/severe settings. This set features six phonics-based difficulty levels with three books for each level. Each book features simple stories with lots of illustrations. Each 28 page book has six chapters with a list of high frequency sight words on the last page.


  • One: one syllable words with short vowels.
  • Two: one syllable words with short and long vowels.
  • Three: consonant blends and digraphs.
  • Four: diphthongs and silent letters.
  • Five: compound words.
  • Six: two syllable words and prefixes/suffixes.

Books are written at a first grade reading level.

The optional software audibly reads books to your students while highlighting the text. The interactive text allows your students to click on any word for easy identification. Questions at the end of each story test reading comprehension. An simple teacher management system allows you to select books for each student and track student their progress.

Click here to read a sample book.