Somatron Music Learning Chair

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The Somatron Music Learning Chair is a large, light weight active vibroacoustic chair. The perfect chair to enhance the Mozart Learning Effect. Good for teens and adults over 100 lbs.

Somatron Soft Furniture is useful for autistic spectrum, ADHD, PDD, and others with sensory, modulation or behavioral dysfunction. Comfortable and stimulating vibroacoustic furniture encourages the mind-body connection while soothing the user. Perfect for relaxation, calming restless behavior, positioning, reinforcement, entertainment, stress reduction, auditory and physical stimulation.

Why is a Somatron so incredible? Music is a much more powerful tool to achieve the mind/body connection than simple mechanical vibrations. Other devices work at one speed at a time. Somatrons vibrate at many speeds simultaneously due to the music. Each musical note contains several speeds of vibrations. In addition, as these vibrations move from speaker to speaker, you will experience a rippling sensation. Somatron volume does not have to be loud and does not sound loud in the room. Any music may be used.

The Somatron Learning Chair connects easily to any stereo system within the power range specified. It incorporates two full range Somatron vibroacoustic speakers, one in the back and one in the seat which utilize the patented Somatron Second Diaphragm Vibroacoustic System.