Somatron Multi-Sensory Ball Pool

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The Somatron Ball Pool combines pressure, vibration and color. This is no ordinary ball pool but a multisensory ball bath experience that encourages movement, speech and tactile awareness in a soothing atmosphere.

Children feel soothing music vibrations from head to toe as they immerse in the pool of 75mm clear balls. Experience is enhanced by a gently changing colored light shining through the balls.

Why is a Somatron so incredible? Music is a much more powerful tool to achieve the mind/body connection than simple mechanical vibrations. Other devices work at one speed at a time. Somatrons vibrate at many speeds simultaneously due to the harmonies within music. Each musical note contains several speeds of vibrations. In addition, as these vibrations move from speaker to speaker, you will experience a rippling sensation. Somatron volume does not have to be loud and does not sound loud in the room. Any music may be used.

Heavily padded solid Somatron construction, covered in extremely durable reinforced vinyl. Covered in staph-check hospital-grade vinyl, the removable floor pad is bacteria resistant. Requires 1,500 balls, not included in the price. Measures 52"L x 52"W x 28"H. Connects to any stereo rated 20 to 100 watts of power. Includes 15' cable and instructions.