Small Platform Swing

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This item is designed to work with On the Go Swing Frames ONLY.

It's an Occupational Therapist favorite for vestibular stimulation!

Have your clients lay down or sit on the platform as you swing or rotate them.

Use it to help with sensory integration, posture control, motor planning, and gross motor skills.

The small Platform swing is the perfect size for students in your early intervention program.

It measures 32" x 24" and is large enough for you to sit with the toddlers and preschoolers that you work with.

Therapists will appreciate the industrial quality of this item.

It is covered with durable, thick vinyl, making it easy to clean and keep sanitary.

Fluids will not soak through the vinyl.

Soft padding allows for lots of movement without risk of bumps or bruises.

The edges of the seat are also padded as an extra precaution.

The chain length is covered so there is no risk of pinching or hair pulling.

Please note this is the swing only and does not include the the swing frame.