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This helpful handwriting helper set is perfect improving students’ legibility as well as alleviating muscle fatigue and cramping! The Webber Slant Board and Binder set includes tons of features to help students stay comfortable and organized while also improving their writing skills. A great choice for use at school or at home, this binder fits easily into backpacks and can be taken from classroom to classroom, making it a great portable alternative to traditional slant boards.

There are so many features included with this binder to provide comfort and utility!  A magnetic paper holder attaches firmly to the slanted surface, preventing pages from shifting. The interior Velcro flap keeps the binder’s surface fixed at a 20 degree angle, and the sturdy foam support block may be used for added stability. The bottom of the binder features a rubber base, keeping it from sliding across students’ desks. All of these features combine to bring students a comfortable, ergonomic writing surface!

In addition to being a slant board, this Two-in-One Organizer also includes a three-ring paper holder with a capacity of 600 pages. Two interior pockets and a pencil pouch helps to keep students organized and is great for helping kids stay organized.