Silver Plasma Light

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Kids and adults alike love our mesmerizing Silver Plasma Light! This visually spectacular item is a favorite for people who are highly visual and great for teaching cause and effect. The Plasma Light is the perfect gift for someone who craves visual stimulation and also is a great therapy tool.

To use, just touch the ball and the red lights turn to blue and start to gravitate towards your fingertips! Trace your finger along the outside of this globe and watch the light amazingly follows your finger. This item incentivizes fine motor exploration by rewarding touch with this visual feedback. Talk about instant positive reinforcement!

Setup is simple, quick, and easy-- simply add batteries and flip the switch on the base. This item is also quite light and portable, allowing for easy movement and storage.

This 6" lamp requires four AA batteries (not included).

Great visual reinforcer and for teaching cause and effect.

Size: 5.25 x 4 x 4 inches. 3 inch round clear sphere