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Eating Problems & Feeding Therapy

Eating Problems & Feeding Therapy

Many children on the spectrum have difficulties with eating a limited diet. Often times they may receive help for feeding issues in occupational therapy or speech therapy settings. Reasons for children's eating problems may range from a need for food to look a certain way, to avoiding certain textures of foods. For example, some children with autism have severe oral sensitivity and may not like the texture or consistency of certain foods, especially those that are texture-heavy. Instead they may prefer foods that are smooth, creamy or have been pureed. This area can be particularly frustrating and at times frightening for parents.

One especially helpful feeding therapy is Food Chaining. Food chaining has been developed as a systematic method for the treatment of children with extreme food selectivity. Food chaining is an individualized, non-threatening, home-based feeding program designed to expand food repertoire by emphasizing similar features between accepted and targeted food items.

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