Sentence Building Pocket Chart

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This helpful pocket chart is a great way to help students improve their grammar, vocabulary, and language skills. Place a picture in the top pouch and have students construct a descriptive sentence using the 56 included cards, or let students change and match pictures to a sentence as they swap out the cards! The large, easy to read cards and full-color pictures make this an ideal activity for individuals or groups. Hang this chart on the wall of the home or classroom for tons of sentence building fun!

This format is a great tool for helping kids break down complex phrases into simple chunks, as well as teaching how nouns and verbs can be swapped to change the meaning of a statement. The Sentence Building Pocket Chart features four pouches for word cards and one large pouch for picture cards. Four additional storage pouches ensure that the word and picture cards are easy to keep organized. 

Includes 24 double-sided photo cards and 32 double-sided sentence part cards.

7.5 x 0.2 x 22 inches