Sensory Fun Pack

Item # 7304
$99.99 - $111.99


Our sensory toys for kids and teens with autism gift set includes a variety of our most popular sensory items that are sure to please. This set includes the following:

Body sox - kids and teens love getting in the body sox and exploring space. Some love to climb inside for a quick hide away when life gets over stimulating.

Vibrating mitt - this calming and soothing vibrating mitt features two textures soft faux sheep skin and terry cloth. You'll love calming vibrotactile input!

Mini light spinner - this visually pleasing toy can hang like a necklace from a breakaway lanyard making it a fun visual sensory toy for kids and teens on the go.

Pin Art - our super sturdy Pin Art toy features heavy duty acrylic and steel pins to create a fun tactile and visually engaging sensory experience.

Squeeze ball - life gets stressful and when it does you can squeeze it our with this fun globe inspired toy.

Tangle toy - this a teacher and therapist favorite fidget toy. It can fit in your pocket to provide hands on fun anywhere.

Liquid Timer - Our liquid timer provides two rows of colored circles that float down to the bottom. The timer flows for approximately one minute

Choose your Fun Pack Based on the Body Sox Size Chart******

Medium 5 - 8 yrs 3'10" to 4'9"
Large 8 - 12 yrs 4'9" to 5'4" 
X-Large Adult 5'4" to 6'
Tall Tall Adult

6' and Over