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Sensory Belt

Item # 139000
Sale Price $49.99


    Therapists have been using the original Sensory Belt for over ten years. Also known as the "miracle belt" because of the fantastic results therapists have had with it.

    Use this weighted therapy belt to improve self-calming, balance, and increased body awareness by enhancing proprioceptive feedback. The Sensory Belt has now helped over 15,000 children with autism and sensory needs.  The belts have been researched and tested child safe under CPSIA Guidelines.

     If you have a child with body awareness needs this weighted belt has been proven to help improve educational outcomes and sensory development.

    Benefits include:

     1) Less weight needed to provide effective proprioceptive feedback.

    2) Creates less body heat than other weighted items.

    3) Belts help improve posture in children who are low tone.

    4) Belts are centered around the core improving movement and stability.  


    Infant - 1 lb Waist Size 14"- 24".

    Toddler - 2 lb Waist Size 16"- 26".

    Children's - 3 lbs  Waist Size 18"- 28".

    Small Adult - 4 lb Waist Size 26"- 36".

    Med Adult - 5 lb Waist Size 30"- 40".


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