SENSEsational Alphabet Touch and Feel Picture Cards

SENSEsational Alphabet Touch and Feel Picture Cards

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Make learning the 26 letters of the alphabet fun and stimulating with these sensational multi-sensory cards! Kids will enjoy using their senses to learn the alphabet with this extensive, intuitive card set. Each of the 26 ABC cards includes a sensory experience such as an aroma or textured surface as well as a word in Sign Language and Braille. The vocabulary words featured are simple and age appropriate, such as Apple, Ice Cream, Cat, Kite, Ball, Orange, and many more. Each card also features a clear, full color image depicting the word.

These durable, laminated cards are easy to use and will make the alphabet accessible and fun for your special learners!

Both tactile and olfactory feedback is provided. Also includes two bonus cards featuring keys for the complete Braille alphabet and the American Manual Alphabet. This set is a wonderful value and is great for the home, classroom or therapy office.