See You Later, Procrastinator! (Get It Done)

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Does your child wait until the last minute to do their homework or their chores? Then it's time to read See You Later, Procrastinator! This engaging book uses humor and funny illustrations to help kids stop putting off the things they need to get done now. It is specifically written in a way that elementary and middle school students will respond to with attractive full-color cartoons and easy-to-read text that doesn't feel preachy.

Your kids will learn strategies to build their motivation to start a job and stick with it until it is done. They will learn common reasons why kids procrastinate so that they can recognize it when it starts. The will learn 20 strategies to help them combat it. They will learn to set goals to stay motivated and how to give themselves rewards to stay on track.

It is a great resource for the home; or purchase one for your classroom and send it home with the student who never turns their homework in on time.