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    Make cooperation fun with Rollick! Kids will love to play this educational game as they develop vital language and vocabulary skills. This is a great icebreaker game that is designed to facilitate communication.

    Rollick is a fun twist on the classic "charades" game. In this game, a small group works together to act out fun scenarios. To play, each team simply draws a card and acts out the word shown. Then, another person must guess what the card says before the time is up! Participants are encouraged to work together and act out scenes for more effective clues.

    A helpful guide includes suggestions for working with small or large groups, working with younger children and more. This is a fun game for your social skills group. Great for building collaboration skills, nonverbal communication, social skills and more.

    Ages 10+ 6+ Players

    This set includes 758 scenarios, score pad, one minute timer and a rule book.

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