Real World Math: Unexpected Events

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Help your students understand the basics of personal finance with this educational math game! In Real-World Math, players compete to reach the finish while balancing their checkbook and dealing with all sorts of unexpected events. This is a great way to build basic arithmetic skills and practical spending sense, all while having tons of fun! By incorporating finance into a board game format, this activity engages players, promotes discussion, and provides plenty of learning opportunities that can be applied to real life.

Each player starts off with a check register skeet, pencil, and game marker. The starting “account” for each player contains $100.00. However, as players move around the board, they will encounter Unexpected Event Cards that add or subtract from their balance. As players proceed, they must keep track of their money by calculating each transaction. Players take turns until one person reaches the finish line, receiving a bonus $100. Then, everybody adds up their final score-- the player with the highest balance wins!

Includes 50 Unexpected Events Cards, 6 Game Markers, Game Board, and 20 Check Register Sheets (reproducible). 2-6 players.