Preschool Holiday Gift Pack

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Our Preschool Holiday Gift pack includes an assortment of fun toys kids will enjoy playing with. This set includes:

  • Holiday Popper - squeeze the popper tummy and watch the ball pop out. This is great for building fine motor skills and teaching cause and effect. Use it as a simple turn taking activity by taking turns popping the popper.
  • Sunday Stacker - this fun stacker toy turns into a Sunday when you are finished. Kids develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and problem solving.
  • Rain Tube - this soothing sensory toy is a long standing favorite. 
  • Ooey Gooey Starfish - provide interesting tactile and multi sensory play without any mess or clean up!
  • Wind up Penguin - wind up the penguin and watch it waddle away. Great for building fine motor skills.
  • Flip Car - roll the car and watch it flip when it hits the wall. 
  • Squishy Critter pack - small squish-able critters fit in your pocket for on the go fidgeting. (Please don't give this item to kids who tend to put things in their mouth!)

Recommended for kids ages three and up.