Power Pen Learning Cards-Solving Word Problems

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Power Pen Solving Word Problems (Grades 1-4)

Practice reading comprehension, problem solving, math skills and more with the helpful Power Pen Learning Cards! These cards focus on word problems and are designed to provide arithmetic challenges according to grade level. Use this activity at home or in the classroom for tons of helpful math practice; Perfect for sharpening foundational skills for academic success!

Each card displays a word problem along with four possible answers. Color illustrations reinforce the text and provide necessary visual aids, helping to engage students and connect problems to real-life items and situations. Students must determine which facts are necessary for solving the problem, determine the order of operations, identify tricky questions, and more.

Once they think they’ve found the right answer, they can use the Power Pen for instant feedback! Simply press the nib of the pen to any possible answer to check and see if it’s right. Visual and auditory feedback provides encouragement while making problem solving so much more fun!

106 cards.