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This interactive activity is perfect for helping kids develop vital academic skills! With Power Pen Learning Books, kids will work their way through different language arts or math activities. Each workbook is designed to sharpen critical thinking skills while also helping to lay the foundation for academic success. Use this book in the classroom or at home for tons of independent practice!

Choose from the following books:

Learning Alphabet

The first section asks students to look at a picture cue and choose the letter the noun starts with. The next section shows an uppercase letter along with a picture of a noun that begins with that letter, asking students to choose its lowercase form. In the third section, students must determine which picture shows a noun that does NOT start with the specified letter, out of four possible pictures.

Learning Beginning Sounds

Beginning Sounds includes 80 questions teaching basic consonant recognition. Each question includes a simple colored illustration, as well as a word ending. Students must choose one of three possible beginning letters to make the word match the picture cue! This exercise asks children to sound out the word multiple times and use their critical thinking skills to find the right answer. 


Learning Numbers

Introduce students to basic counting and arithmetic skills with this helpful Power Pen Workbook!  Exercises are separated into four color coded sections. The first section asks students to count how many objects are shown and pick the corresponding number. The second section asks students to look at a number on a treasure chest and choose which group contains that number of items. In section three, students must discern the missing number in a sequence and choose the correct value to fill in the blank. In the fourth section, a group of objects is shown and students must decide whether it is less than, more than, or equal to a certain amount.

Please note the Power Pen is not included.