Portable Weighted Pillow Lap Pad

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The Sit Tight™ provides deep touch and pressure to the skin, an effective, therapeutic tool to help your child stay in their seat and focus on their work whether it is circle time, home/school work or mealtimes.

The Sit Tight™ is a weighted bag that is placed on the lap during meal time and sit and listen times at home or at school. Part of the Patent Pending design is the strap that you can securely buckle around the waist to help ensure it will stay put while a child is seated.

Children can also carry this item across the room when a break is needed. Children who need to move a lot can benefit from breaks that involve movement and heavy work for the muscles. It provides a little extra weight when a child takes a walking break. This can help improve their focus when they return to sit and work.

A benefit of using soft and durable corduroy is that this helps keep the lap pad in one place. Children love the softness of the corduroy and may run their hands across the corduroy ridges, which can further help to improve focus.

Small: 25-40 lbs 7" x 15" 3 lbs
Medium: 41-60 lbs 8.5" x 19" 4 lbs
Large: 61-80 lbs 9" x 21" 6 lbs